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About Us

Dorsa Toolid Golpayegan Co.

This company was established in 1394 and started its production activity in 1396 in the field of aluminum industry and with the efforts and tact of specialized and experienced managers, in a short period of time has been able to produce the best standard alloy ingots in terms of quality in all its types. .
Cooperation with reputable companies and manufacturers active in the country, including the automotive complexes and the home appliance and heating industries, as well as gaining a worthy position in this industry in this short period of time is one of the biggest achievements of this company.

Relying on the slogan (sales are not the end of a transaction) and having competitive advantages (superior quality, a price much lower than the market price and reasonable payment terms), the company has been able to easily compete in the sales market while creating customer satisfaction and trust. To pay.

In the following, we will make you more familiar with the capabilities and competitive advantages of this company …

Physical and chemical properties of aluminum:

In an equal volume, the weight of aluminum is about one third of the weight of steel, copper and brass. One cubic meter of aluminum weighs about 77 kg. While the weight of one cubic meter of steel is 220 kg. Light weight in aluminum products is considered a very important advantage. The light weight of aluminum, in addition to reducing its transportation costs, has made it competitive with steel in terms of price.

A combination of high strength and light weight is found in only a few substances in nature. The high strength of some aluminum alloys is comparable to the strength of steels. This advantage has led to a variety of applications for aluminum in the automotive, defense and military, aerospace, construction, transportation and packaging industries.

Aluminum can be deformed by various methods of forming metals. Aluminum simply comes in the form of tubes, rods, plates, foils and castings of various shapes. For example, 0.004 mm thin foils are easily possible by rolling.
Aluminum can also be bonded by welding, soldering, gluing and riveting.

Some aluminum alloys can regain their original state after the force is removed if they are affected by force or impact in a certain range. This feature of aluminum in the design and manufacture of products that require strength and flexibility. It is widely used.

The surface of the aluminum parts does not rust, because aluminum combines with oxygen in the air to produce a compact layer of aluminum, which is only a few thousandths of a centimeter thick. Prevents contact of oxygen with the bottom layers of aluminum and prevents further oxidation of the part. Therefore, oxidation of the surfaces of aluminum parts prevents corrosion in various environments such as humid air, seawater and a wide range of other physical and chemical materials.

Aluminum is the most conductive metal after silver, copper and gold, because of this property, it is widely used in the manufacture of kitchen utensils, water and oil heat exchangers, etc.

Solid aluminum alloys with a surface oxide layer are non-toxic and are widely used in the food, pharmaceutical and health packaging industries. In addition, aluminum has a smooth, non-porous surface that prevents the absorption of foreign matter and bacteria. Aluminum can come into very close and intensive contact with food without affecting its taste, color and odor.
In addition to the above-mentioned uses, aluminum is also used in medicine and surgery. For example, they use aluminum powder in bleeding wounds and shortness of breath.

At equal volumes, aluminum, like copper, conducts about 62 percent of its electricity. After silver, copper and gold have the highest electrical conductivity. But at the same weight as aluminum, it can be twice as conductive as copper. Thus, the use of aluminum in the transmission of electricity is very cost-effective. For this reason, aluminum is commonly used in power stations and power plants.

One cubic meter of pure aluminum weighs 8.2827 kg and one cubic meter of the heaviest aluminum alloys weighs about 2953 kg. These heaviest aluminum alloys are at least 1678 kg per cubic meter lighter than the same weight as other building metals. This advantage leads to cheaper transportation – more capacity and time savings.

Why Aluminum Alloy?

Aluminum alloys are alloys with metallic properties that usually contain 90-96% aluminum and in addition have one or more other elements that have been added to aluminum to improve its properties. Usually, these alloys, in addition to the main alloying elements, also contain several sub-alloying elements that have a very small amount but have a great impact on their properties.

Product quality in the production course:

Darsa Golpayegan Production Company has been able to obtain various quality management (Iso) and environmental management certificates by using the best primer raw materials and using the latest quality control process as well as employing experienced personnel.
The company has increased its production capacity to 40 tons of alloy ingots in each shift, however, always increasing the production capacity by taking quality measures and minimizing the cost of production ingots is one of the most important annual programs of the company.

Laboratory and quality control:

Quality control unit of Darsa Zob Company with the efficiency of the latest laboratory equipment and quality methods (such as ceramic filtration in several stages – degassing of melt in several stages and elimination of inclusions, moss and impurities in ingots – quantum – spectrometer – microscope – microscope Cutting, turning and polishing equipment, such as aluminum, hardness tester, density machine, tensile testing machine, reference samples, highly advanced degassing machine, etc.) make every effort to produce high quality ingots.

Production equipment:

Darsa Golpayegan Production Company, in terms of being newly established, has used up-to-date and new equipment, including aluminum melting furnaces with melt degassing in several stages and fully automatic evacuation devices in the production of ingots.
Meanwhile, the quality control unit of this company, using the latest laboratory equipment, which has one of the most advanced laboratories in Iran, makes its utmost efforts to produce high quality ingots.

In addition to producing standard alloys (LMs – AS9 – AS5 – AS7 – ADC12 – A413 series – 380 series, etc.), this company has the ability to produce alloys in accordance with other corporate – national – international standards or special orders of customers.
We are able to deliver the product within 48 hours after order registration, in line with customer satisfaction and by using our experienced staff and powerful production line.